Best floor standing speakers under 1500 of 2021

Are you looking for floor standing speakers? Let’s learn about the Best floor standing speakers under 1500, you will enjoy the best brands such as JBL, Kanto, Presonus.

Top 5 best floor standing speakers under 1500

Bestseller No. 1
Q Acoustics Concept 40 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) (Gloss Black)
  • These striking loudspeakers combine beauty and function seamlessly. They are available in both multi-layered, lacquered black and white finishes.
  • The Concept 40 is Q Acoustics’ flagship floor-standing speaker delivers an unparalleled sonic performance. The Concept 40’s extraordinary soundstage, dynamics and sheer musicality is achieved by incorporating its bespoke drive units into a ‘GelcoreTM Construction’ cabinet which allows the drive units to perform at their very impressive best.
  • With 90dB sensitivity and a nominal impedance of 8 ohm, the Concept 40 is easily driven by any quality amplifier, which allows for effortless peaks and crescendos in both music and movie soundtracks.
Bestseller No. 2
Definitive Technology D15 Demand Series Modern High-Performance 3-Way Tower Speaker (Right-Channel) – Single, Black | Dual 8” Passive Bass Radiators
  • Coupled with the 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens, Definitive Technology 1” aluminum dome tweeters deliver a clear, precise high frequency response and the 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens smooths high frequencies off the tweeter for improved dispersion and a rich and balanced listening experience anywhere in your room.
  • This new addition to the sonic signature of the Demand Series tower features a dedicated woofer section for low frequency reproduction.
  • ROOM-FILLING SOUND & MODERN ELEGANT STYLING for movies & music with this dedicated right channel D15 tower speaker that delivers smooth highs & superior mid-range. COMBINE it with a D15 left channel (sold separately) for a precise 3-DIMENSIONAL SOUNDSTAGE
Bestseller No. 3
Klipsch RP-280F Pair with Klipsch RP-450C Center Channel – 3.0 Home Theater System Bundle
  • The Reference Premiere RP-280F floor standing speaker is the largest in the Reference Premiere family, producing cinematic sound from two 8-Inch Cerametallic woofers and a Hybrid Tractrix Horn
  • The Reference Premiere RP-280F floorstanding speaker is the largest in the Reference Premiere family, producing cinematic sound from two 8-inch Cerametallic woofers and a Hybrid Tractrix Horn. It can fill a larger room with theater-quality sound with minimal effort – immersing you in the ultimate listening experience.
  • All New Tractrix Port. Strong, Flexible Removable Grille. MDF Cabinet with Brushed Polymer Veneer Baffle Finish.Perfect fit to add one of Klipsch Dolby Atmos elevation channel speakers to deliver overhead sound to your home theater.
Bestseller No. 4
Dynaudio Evoke 30 Compact Floor-Standing Speaker – Black Gloss – Each
  • The Evoke 30 is a compact floor-standing speaker which sounds much bigger than its stature. Whether you’re listening to two-channel music or a movie soundtrack, you will be impressed by it’s presentation.
  • These two-and-a-half-way speakers strike the balance between compactness and restraint, and unabashed, wide-eyed enthusiasm.The Cerotar tweeter is driven by a newly-designed strontium carbonate Ferrite+ ceramic magnet system, and features the Confidence’s headline-grabbing Hexis inner dome.
  • This ingenious little dimpled device sits right behind the soft tweeter diaphragm and reduces unwanted resonances while smoothing out the overall frequency response. The result is sweeter treble, better detail and even more clarity – and that means you can listen into the wee hours of the morning without fatigue.
Bestseller No. 5
SVS Prime Pinnacle – 3-Way Tower Speaker (Pair) – Piano Gloss Black
  • Prime Pinnacle is world-class audio for everyone. All-new 5.25″ midrange driver with composite glass-fiber cone delivers pinpoint accuracy and broad soundstage for more immersive audio experiences. Premium 1″ aluminum dome tweeter renders crystal-clear highs with revealing clarity and life-like realism at all playback levels.
  • This Package Includes (2) Prime Pinnacle Floorstanding Speakers Prime Pinnacle Floorstanding Speaker Smooth crisp and refined sound without sacrificing effortless bass and jaw-dropping dynamic impact. All-new driver array and 3-way SoundMatch crossover housed in a classically striking tower speaker design.
  • Trio of 6.5″ high-performance woofers lay sonic foundation for music and movies with amazingly deep and room-energizing bass output. Three unique port-tuning frequencies create smooth transition from midrange to midbass without sacrificing low-frequency response. SVS SoundMatch crossover creates an expansive soundstage with accurate frequency response and precise imaging for largest “sweet spot” possible.

How to choose the best floor standing speaker under $1500

Once you’ve done a little homework (like reading this article, of course), and some web-browsing, you’re probably ready to shop. Great. But there’s one more thing to think about. What’s the best way to set up your system for the maximum amount of performance?

Below are some key considerations to bear in mind.

How will you use your speakers?

If you just like to have some tunes on in the background while you’re making dinner or want to occasionally crank a good movie you’ve wanted to check out, you may not need a massive system. Two quality speakers should do the trick.

If you’re looking for something more immersive, adding a few more speakers (how many is best depends on the size of your room), and a subwoofer and soundbar combination might be the best choice for you.

Build and design

These speakers are available in various colors like white and black lacquer, black leather, American walnut, and also matte graphite.

With a wide variety of options, you can choose what best suits your home decor.

The cone material in the bass and midrange drivers are made of Kevlar material for more durability and performance.

Due to the Kevlar construction of the drivers, both the tonality and the durability of the drivers will be increased.

Sound Quantity:

The bass is deep, crisp and makes a great impact. This the reason why the Tweeters are decoupled from the main cabinet to keep the tonality and the detail of the treble part unaffected.

The speakers perform surprisingly consistent across all the frequencies.

The soundstage offered by these speakers is full and wide and is remarkable.

Drivers: If you take any speaker, there should be four drivers in it to deliver the sounds across the various frequency ranges. There are mainly four types of drivers that come with any floor standing speakers. They are – Tweeters, Midrange drivers, Woofers, and Subwoofers.

Tweeters: These are relatively small drivers that are usually present at the top of the speaker.

They are responsible for producing distortion-free high-frequency Treble sound. They are entirely dedicated to high-frequency sounds.

The color and feel of the cabinet should also in such a color that compliments your decor.

How to match speaker size with your room?

First of all, you need to consider the size of your room. Is it a small-sized room or a medium-sized space? Usually, 90 dB is the mark that indicates a speaker good enough for medium to large rooms. For small to medium, you will be good enough if you have a speaker with sensitivity around 80 dB.

However, it also depends on how loud you want the sound to be, and it varies from person to person. Moreover, whether you are going to use it in your lounge for general music or you are going to place it in your dedicated theatre room for weekend parties is another aspect of consideration.


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