Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200 – Top Picks

Bluetooth speaker is one of the smartest and most advanced devices available today, it is capable of connecting a variety of smartphones, tablets … with different operating systems from Android, iOS to Window.

The cheap Bluetooth speakers under $200 are in the mid-range and high-end segment. They usually have a quite compact design, sound quality is relatively good so they are suitable for the needs of popular music players. If you are wondering about the portable speaker, what are you waiting for without consulting our article right away?

Which best bluetooth speakers under $200 brings the most enjoyable experience?

A Comparison of Our Favorite Products

Bestseller No. 1
Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Amazon Exclusive Dusk
  • Sound – Megaboom features powerfully loud, clear, and immersive 360° sound with Deep thundering bass you can feel. All carefully balanced so you can hear every note.
  • Fabric – Megaboom 3 is covered in a two-tone fabric that’s tough and beautiful. Engineered for extreme performance and colored two ways, it comes to life in a range of drool-worthy Iridescent themes.
  • All-New Magic Button – Play, Pause, Skip and control any streaming music directly on the Bluetooth speaker with one touch of a button .Maximum Sound Level: 90dBC
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Bestseller No. 2
  • Popular classic bookshelf speakers now can be enjoyed without the hassle of wires. Simply connection to an iPhone, Android, Tablet, PC or Mac.
  • Digital inputs to enable lossless connection to most TV and computers.
  • Naturally fine tuned sound reproduction from 4 inch bass and 13mm silk dome tweeter.
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Bestseller No. 3
Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – IPX7 Waterproof Extra Bass Sound System with Rechargeable Battery and Built-in Microphone – Blue
  • This Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 speaker features a rechargeable battery that supports up to 8 hours of playtime.
  • IPX7 WATERPROOF: use this wireless portable speaker at any place within the home without worrying, like by the kitchen sink.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: the premium wireless speaker is crafted in a unique aluminum and fabric finish for a truly elegant look and feel.
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Bestseller No. 4
The Bose SoundLink Revolve, the Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 360 Wireless Surround Sound, Triple Black
  • Deep, loud and immersive sound, with true 360 degree coverage
  • Seamless aluminum body is durable and water resistant (IPX4)
  • Built-in mic for speakerphone to take clear conference or personal calls out loud with a wireless range of approximately 30 feet.
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Bestseller No. 5
Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black
  • The rechargeable battery supports up to 8 hours of playtime
  • Amplify your listening experience by wirelessly connecting more than 100 HK connect+ enabled speakers.
  • Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth to enjoy room-filling sound. Connect up to 2 smart devices at the same time and take turns playing music.
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Bestseller No. 6
Acoustic Audio by Goldwood Bluetooth LED Light Display Speaker Set – Includes Microphone, Remote Control, and Stand – 15 Inch Portable Sound System, 1000W – AA15LBS, Black, 16 x 14 x 27 Inches
  • POWERED BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – Stream music from your phone to the built in Bluetooth receiver, integrated power amp with 1000 watts system power, multi-colored LED woofer flashing light display with ON/OFF switch
  • HIGHEST QUALITY – Deluxe 15″ woofer and 2″ tweeter, 20Hz-20kHz, 102dB, rugged cabinet with rear wheels, handles, adjustable stand pole mount and is (H x L x W) 27″ x 16″ x 14″
  • EXTRA FEATURES – Built In FM tuner, USB or SD player with controls and remote, RCA, two 1/4 inch mic and 3. 5mm AUX input, mics, echo, line and master volume control, 5 band slide graphic equalizer, RCA line level outputs to link to another powered speaker
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Bestseller No. 7
Bose SoundLink Color II: Portable Bluetooth, Wireless Speaker with Microphone- Soft Black
  • Innovative Bose technology packs bold sound into a small, water resistant speaker
  • Rugged, with a soft touch silicone exterior that makes it easy to pick up and go
  • Built-in mic for speakerphone to take clear conference or personal calls out loud with a wireless range of approximately 30 feet.
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Bestseller No. 8
JBL Pulse 3 – Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker – Black
  • Take your listening experience to the next level with the JBL Pulse 3, The portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that combines 360° sound with 360° Lightshow
  • With a built-in rechargeable battery that delivers up to 12 hours of playtime and an IPX7 waterproof housing, Pulse 3 is perfect for worry–free listening by the beach or pool – or even in it
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Bestseller No. 9
JBL CLIP 3 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black, 6.5 x 4.3 x 2.2
  • Stream high quality sound from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • The fully integrated metal carabiner protects the speaker from damage and lets you easily hook it to a backpack or belt loop
  • No more worrying about rain or spills; you can even immerse it in water
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Bestseller No. 10
JBL Charge 4 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • 20 hours of playtime
  • IPX7 waterproof
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Buying Guides

Bluetooth-capable high-end speakers will always offer better sound quality than budget options, but lots of stuff around won’t disappoint.

The main benefit that Bluetooth model speakers bring is their compact size and portability. Compared to the device provided by the internal speaker, it can hear the device with louder sound. They often have features that are better suited for outdoor travel or relaxation audio needs.

Under normal circumstances, will true enthusiasts not sit down or listen outdoors or when moving through Bluetooth devices, as they can have premium speakers to enjoy their time of entertainment.

Bluetooth speaker is a breakthrough technology product widely used to meet the needs of human use. Currently, bluetooth speakers are divided into the following categories:

Conventional bluetooth speaker – The most popular speaker widely used today used for smart mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

Bluetooth karaoke speaker – A dedicated speaker with a compact design with karaoke microphones used for entertainment needs, listening to music, singing karaoke online.

Computer bluetooth speaker – An upgraded computer speaker to support using bluetooth with a bulky design, a mid-range price

Best to buy bluetooth speakers under $200

1. JBL Charge 4

JBL Charge 4 bluetooth speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 standard connection, for faster and more stable connection speed than other conventional speaker products. In addition, the speaker also supports Bluetooth connection of two devices at the same time, plays impressive Stereo sound, for more flexible connectivity in use.

JBL Charge 4 speaker has a capacity of 30 W, 1/3 larger than the third generation version and integrates Bass Radiator technology to deliver more realistic and vivid sound. In particular, the bass is very powerful, users freely enjoy their favorite music. To increase the ability to experience with the crowd, users simply activate JBL Connect + to connect more than 100 speakers.

The highlight of this speaker is that users can listen to music even while swimming. With IPX7 water resistance, you can use with peace of mind without worrying that the speaker is water-proofed to the inside, causing damage.

JBL Charge 4 is also equipped with a Lithium-ion polymer battery core with a high capacity of up to 7,500 mAh.

  • Design personality, sure
  • IPX7 waterproof standard
  • Operate continuously for 16 hours
  • Powerful bass
  • The capacity is quite small compared to a subwoofer
  • There is no microphone for conversation
With solid structure, durable materials, compact design, personality, excellent water resistance, relatively good sound quality. And the price of JBL Charge 4 at under $ 200, this will be a heavyweight competitor of Ultimate Ears Boom 3.

2. Bose SoundLink Revolve

Wherever you sit in the room, SoundLink® Revolve provides a consistent soundstage. The sound is scattered and reflected around the room with no dead spots.

Because it is a portable speaker, the product will have to constantly move, so dropping is inevitable. Therefore, Bose has designed its speakers with extremely solid aluminum monolithic. In addition, the speaker is also IPX4 water resistant, so you can comfortably bring it when swimming or going to places with many rivers.

This Bose Soundlink Revolve speaker also has a very attractive mode that is it can connect multiple speakers together to form a homogeneous speaker system. So you will have a loudspeaker system with louder sound to unleash exciting music to make your party much more noisy.

Revolve’s bass is thick, full, rich in volume, and has depth. However, in Revolve it is a bit pervasive on other bands, and there is also a bit of a long decay in some situations, especially rock or metal. The mid and treble bands are shown at a decent level, details are well-polished and well expressed and smooth. And it would be flawed if not mentioning the 360 degree sound quality of the speaker.

  • Rugged design
  • Integrated voice mic
  • IPX7 water resistant.
  • 360-degrees projection
  • Not too powerful
Bose Revolve has a reference price of under $ 200. Both products have a choice of two colors including black (triple black) and gray (lux gray).

3. Sony SRS-XB32

This new version SRS-XB32 has made a strong impression with its unique appearance compared to the XB30 and XB31 versions released earlier.

If on the XB31, SONY uses a common layer covering the speaker membrane to cover the entire speaker body, in this XB32 version the company has used the finishing method from the first XB3 generation.

In addition to using plastic material to complete the frame for the speaker, the company also uses a soft silicone layer covering the speaker surface, which also makes holding the speaker comfortable, firm and has a good grip. the best. In addition, the driver coating has a very good finishing quality.

Equipped with 48mm dual speakers with 20-20,000Hz frequency range, and passive diaphragm to ensure the bass of the speaker. Carrying the basic sound quality inherited from the XB31, the speaker satisfies the detailed mid tones, the clear treble strip, though not too prominent, but there is no point to blame. As for Bass, the speaker is very suitable for its name – “Extra Bass”, because it provides good bass, bass, deep and thick. Because there is a radiator on the back of the speaker that amplifies the frequency, it is very suitable for listeners who love bass, making listening more excited and engaging in music. If the bass is too much for you, Sony also equips the user with a function button to increase or decrease the bass to match your headphones.

  • Neutral balanced sound
  • Bluetooth 4.2 & NFC
  • Good battery life
  • Integrated microphone
  • Setup process.
As a high-quality SONY speaker, the XB32 has done a great job of an Extra Bass product and gave users a vibrant music experience. If you are a fan of the bass-head, love speakers that can stand out your personality and especially a SONY Fan fan then this speaker is the product for you.

4. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4

The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Speaker inherits the circular speaker design of the previous Onyx Studio version. The idea is to keep things simple and natural, colors are just basic colors, design details are as minimal as possible. Such a design will make the user feel very comfortable to look at, while also making the speaker suitable for almost any room.

For small and medium sized rooms, the sound of Onyx Studio 4 Loudspeaker can be quite loud, but if the speaker is placed in large rooms or in open spaces, its volume is suitable. One of the reasons why you choose to buy the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Speaker instead of its other competitors is JBL Xtreme, Sony XB40 or Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus is the bass of the speaker. The bass beats more strongly, touches deeper and resonates more, which captures the audience and immerses in the sound of Onyx Studio 4. This is a bass-oriented speaker, it is clean, not bogged down. and most of all, without distorting the other negative bands.

Battery life of the HK Onyx Studio 4 Speaker introduced by the company is up to 8 hours, an improvement over the 5-hour playtime of the previous version, but does the speaker really achieve that? I ran the test of playing music at 50% volume as I did with other portable speakers and the average result was about 6 hours 20 minutes of continuous music playback. The results were lower than what HK advertised, better than the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 Bluetooth Speaker but much less than other portable speakers.

  • Unique and delicate design
  • Strong, fast connectivity
  • Bass powerful
  • Average battery life
The HK Onyx Studio 4 speaker is the 4th generation speaker of the Onyx Studio line and the name itself indicates that it brings many improvements compared to previous versions. It is a beautiful speaker, good sound (probably the best one of the speakers under $ 150), and if you are not too concerned about some of the limitations I mentioned above then you absolutely can consider owning this speaker.

5. Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

The speaker body is wrapped by an IP67 water and dustproof fabric that feels solid and friendly when holding. There is no difficulty holding the speaker even when it is wet. Even better, this UE BOOM 3 will float when dropped into the water just like WONDERBOOM.

Not only has a solid look, but UE also announced that the UE BOOM 3 is resistant to shock and impact. While we have no intention of testing the speaker drop from the roof of a certain building, the UE BOOM 3 is still alive with a number of drops from my bed to the floor. That is also a good scenario.

Most notably UE Megaboom 3 equipped with a button called “Magic Button”. This is a multifunction button that allows users to connect to a smartphone, automatically open Apple Music or Deezer service and play the created playlist in just one note. UE said it will expand to other services like Spotify or Pandora in the future.

UE is equipped with IP67 water resistance for 2 of its products. IP67 allows immersion in 1m depth for 30 minutes. Megaboom can reach 20 hours of use. Users can charge through the micro USB port or through the Power Up stand sold separately.

  • Powerful 360-degree sound
  • Elegant and eye-catching design.
  • Powerful bass quality
  • Good battery life
  • No speakerphone
If you don’t already have a Bluetooth speaker or are looking for a gift to give to someone, then this is an option to consider. The UE BOOM 3 isn’t the best-sounding speaker out there. But with many improvements in appearance, mobility and accompanying features, UE BOOM 3 will surely still be great for many who own it.


Xboom Go Pl 7 is the best mid-range Bluetooth speaker LG recommends to users. Owning an eye-catching design, impressive sound quality, can listen to all types of music. Xboom Go PL7 also has the ability to connect multiple speakers together for a better listening experience in outdoor environments. Besides, the IPX5 water resistance and very good battery life of this speaker are also what made me extremely impressed.

The LG XBoom Go PL7 speaker is designed by the company with very sensitive buttons, allowing users to easily make adjustments to suit your relaxing space. Moreover, in addition to the button control feature of LG PL7 bluetooth speaker with voice control feature. To enable this feature, just press and hold the music player button for 2 seconds, the phone screen will show the Google Assistant feature on phones with Android operating systems or Siri on iOS operating systems. You can control whether to turn music on or off and other functions using just voice commands.

XBOOM PL7 uses two full-range speakers and with the arrangement of two more resonant membranes, the mid and mid-range is quite good.

The speaker does not favor any kind of music, it sounds neutral, so you can hear good noise. Meridian has also fine-tuned the sound to bring the balance, ‘rustic, true’ ‘in the lyrics.

The bass is solid and powerful, so the ability to listen outdoors or sing karaoke is impressive compared to the size of the speaker.

  • Rugged construction
  • High-quality speakerphone
  • Crisp sound
  • Pairing can be slow
You have outdoor picnic parties where the humidity is especially high, especially water. LG XBoom PL7 is equipped with IPX5 which is resistant to dust, water and dirt creeping inside while in use. Helps users comfortably use the speaker in any environment, and will not adversely affect the speaker.


With a lot of convenience, certainly in the very booming and popular future, it is clear that this is a device worth owning. It’s a pity if you have never experienced it.

1. How to choose the best Bluetooth speaker for under $200?

Whatever you look for depends entirely on your individual requirements. The options vary from person to person. Apart from the obvious Bluetooth connectivity, there are some useful but unnecessary requirements. First, it is very convenient to be able to connect multiple devices at the same time. This allows users to seamlessly switch between devices sent on their command. You will want to ensure that it has the latest Bluetooth technology to serve modern gadgets more efficiently.

2. Is the sound quality great?

Bluetooth-capable high-end speakers will always offer better sound quality than budget options, but there are many things that won’t disappoint.

The main convenience that the Bluetooth speaker model offers is its compact size and portability, compared to the built-in speaker functions, it can make large devices hear richer sound. They generally have better performance and are suitable for outdoor travel or entertainment.

Usually, serious audio enthusiasts won’t go back to listening to music via Bluetooth devices outdoors or on the go, as they might have a set of premium speakers that they can enjoy in some way.

Final Thoughts

With the above suggestions, users can easily choose for themselves a good brand bluetooth speaker, in accordance with the set criteria and can choose from famous headphone brands, bringing both sound quality and high bar. Wish you a successful shopping!