Best Bluetooth Speaker For Outdoor Party

As you know, forest picnics or beach fires will become more enjoyable with emotional music. For that atmosphere, you should equip yourself with an outdoor speaker with Bluetooth connectivity.

Are you wondering which outdoor speakers sound good, use well and have a low price, suitable for your needs?

Below, RhoHub recommends the 6 best outdoor Bluetooth speakers for a party. Please refer before choosing for yourself a speaker.

A Comparison of Our Favorite Products

Best Overall
W-KING Wireless Outdoor W-KING Wireless Outdoor
  • Deep bass and true HD sound
  • Massive 8000mAh built-in power
  • Impeccable audio quality
  • Second place
    Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3
  • Performance meets style
  • Waterproof
  • Portable, durable
  • One touch to music feature
  • Best Value
    Third place
    TAMPROAD Portable Bluetooth Speakers TAMPROAD Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • Portable Multi-function Speaker
  • Excellent Sound & FM radio
  • Easy to Connect & Carry
  • Interesting Features and Beautiful Lighting
  • Anker Soundcore Flare Sony SRS-XB43
  • Play it loud with EXTRA BASS sound
  • IP67 waterproof rustproof
  • Dustproof design
  • Sony SRS-XB43 OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) – Bluetooth Portable Speaker
  • Quality Crystal Clear Sound
  • Surprisingly loud
  • IPX5 certification
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Tribit Max Sound Plus Tribit Max Sound Plus
  • Crystal highs, crisp mids and rich bass
  • Waterproof speaker
  • The powerful lithium ion battery guarantees up to 24 hours
  • Cutting-Edge Bluetooth 5.0
  • How to choose the best Bluetooth speakers for the outdoors?

    When you buy outdoor bluetooth speakers, the first thing you want to look for is the high audio performance and weather resistance. Outdoor speakers should sound loud enough for everyone to hear. The next thing you’ll want to consider is fully weatherproof or at least rated IPX7 or above.

    Think about your space and how big the volume type you require. If you have a small yard or mostly want to listen to music for dinner parties, a smaller set of outdoor bluetooth speakers might be a perfect choice. But if you have a large backyard in the suburbs or want to host crowded dance parties, you may want to buy larger speakers with more sound output.

    Last but not least, it is the cost to consider. Bluetooth outdoor speakers can be expensive, as they need and certainly hard enough to withstand the elements. You can still find great suites at any budget level.

    Best to buy Bluetooth speakers for outdoors party reviews

    1. W-KING Wireless Outdoor

    Topping the list of best outdoor speakers that we consider is W-King 50W. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker W-King can bring for all outdoor activities. Thanks to its waterproof rating at IPX5, it can withstand multiple splashes of water.

    Overall, the speaker has a solid construction, somewhat shockproof and dustproof. In terms of sound delivery, the top priority of this speaker is delivering perfect, crisp, clear sound. And to achieve this, the speakers are equipped with two passive subwoofers, two full-range speaker drivers, and two tweeters to deliver crisp, clear stereo sound.

    Furthermore, it includes a 2.2 speaker system and 50W output power which further enhances its sound quality. As for charging, it has a large 8,000 mAh built-in backup battery to power the speakers and charge smartphones, tablets… so you can connect. Don’t worry the regular use of loudspeakers is not affected when you’re charging.

    • Design personality, sure
    • Equipped with 2 full-range speaker drivers that offer HD stereo sound
    • Built-in 8000mAh power bank allows to charge your phone, tablet and camera
    • Powerful bass
    • Heavy
    After years of research and development, prototyping and quality testing, the W-King has always been a heavy waterproof Bluetooth speaker that not only delivers exceptional sound quality on the go but also overcomes the challenge of time.

    2. Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3

    The UE BOOM 3 does not have any problems with connection drops or jerky sounds. As long as you keep this speaker at a distance of less than 15m under normal conditions. The maximum connection distance can be up to 30m when there is no obstruction.


    Beachgoers or picnics: I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for a year. And when people said that it was raining a lot there, it was not a lie. If you live somewhere in the world and get caught in the rain all day, water resistance is not something too expensive because it is absolutely necessary.

    Weather resistant design: whether in a covered patio, outdoor patio, porch or gazebo – the speakers are weather resistant or all great activities in the outdoor area. They are designed specifically to withstand rain and heat, so you can enjoy your favorite music in all weather conditions!

    Sound quality: Designed specifically for high-quality audio, Speaker LU built to maximize your listening experience. Their three-way component design ensures that your sound comes out crisp and clear!

    • Loud, punchy, solid sound
    • Excellent sturdy and portable design
    • IPX7 water resistant.
    • Fun features and easy to use
    • Could sound a touch clearer through the midrange
    Make sure you can put outdoor speakers in the desired location of your speakers cos add shelving swivel easy installation allows movement of up to 120 degrees while symbolic dual front panel can be rotated up to 90 degrees .And ensure easy placement and sound quality focus where you want.

    3. TAMPROAD Portable Bluetooth Speakers

    Are you looking for a Bluetooth speaker that you can use while swimming in the beach with a little party as well as when going out in different types of environments (camping, snow, swimming, etc.)?  TBI Pro Bang fills all of these gaps with its water resistance. Moreover ít sound is very loud and has a good bass response for its size.

    This speaker design is unique on the market, easy to carry. The top of the speaker is equipped with a holder (mobile phone holder, etc.), the subwoofer bell mouth and a beautiful bright ring design.

    Outstanding sound quality: The S37 Bluetooth Speaker has great sound quality, whether you’re at home or on a business trip, it can enrich your quality of life with its powerful stereo sound and clear bass.

    It’s a-day rechargeable battery as well as its use of aux cables and the ability to charge via USB, it’s a great speaker to have. The battery recharges quickly and lasts at least 3 hours continuously.

    • Easy to use, small and compact
    • Sound loud and clear
    • Good battery life
    • Great value for the price
    • No clear highs and lows
    Why do you choose the TAMPROAD Bluetooth speaker?
    TAMPROAD has devoted itself to the loudspeaker industry for many years and hopes to benefit buyers.

    4. Sony SRS-XB43

    You can take the speaker anywhere anytime, anywhere, small outdoor party or pool. Details on speakers Sony SRS-XB43 is the manufacturer complete correctly, boron curved at the edges and easy to use easy to grip.

    SRS-XB43 is equipped with IP67 waterproof and dustproof. This standard will give you the freedom to bring the device to the pool without fear of damage, as it can resist water up to 1m for 30 minutes. In addition, the Sony SRS-XB43 is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about using it at sea, something few speakers can do.

    Sony SRS-XB43 is equipped with short-range communication technology (NFC) and Bluetooth usual. Thereby, it makes connection flexible, easy and fast. With just one touch, the NFC mode is activated and ready to connect to the device, all you have to do is listen and relax.

    Battery life bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB43 up to 24 hours of use, even if the Extra Bass mode, the duration of use has lasted up to 14 hours. Thereby, you can comfortably experience throughout the day.

    • Unique and delicate design
    • Powerful audio performance with strong bass depth and sculpted highs
    • Bass powerful
    • Built-in LED lighting
    • Not for listeners seeking accuracy
    • Bulky
    The design of the Sony XBS-43 speaker is larger, thanks to the technology inside that includes two audio lines with four speakers in total. However, battery life and connectivity technology are still the same as previous devices. Therefore, depending on the needs of the user, you can choose the right product.

    5. OontZ Angle 3

    Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Angle 3 is small and cheap (when it’s on sale). Although still better than listening to speakers integrated on the smart phone, but the speakers sound Oontz worst in our selection.

    OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Generation) is designed and engineered by Cambridge Sound Works in the United States for clearer sound, precise mid, and clear highs from a dual precision stereo driver; bass output enhanced with exclusive passive bass radiators; Unique triangular design and downward-facing bass radiator further enhance sound quality.

    • Exquisite design, compact, very convenient
    • Built-in mic attached to record or listen to phone
    • IPX-5 standard water and dust resistance
    • Good battery life
    • Might be too underpowered for use in larger rooms
    The Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Angle 3 is a decent speaker for those not fussed by sound quality who are on a tight budget, but the Anker SoundCore fits that bill just a bit better.

    6. Tribit Max Sound Plus

    If Tribit XSound GO is not loud enough, Tribit MaxSound Plus is the answer. This is an expanded version of Tribit XSound GO with a much larger capacity and volume, and will be upgraded with more advanced features.

    Tribit Audio’s speaker lines are extremely water resistant and Tribit MaxSound Plus is no exception. Speakers capable of IPX7 waterproof standards, enabling the speaker to operate even when dropped into water.

    Tribit MaxSound Plus is equipped with 2 cloves speakers initiative combining two passive resonance membrane speakers brings power up to 24W for the one size is still very neat.

    Not stopping there, the Tribit MaxSound Plus sound circuit is added by the company with the XBASS feature that allows switching between the escaping sound quality and the powerful warmth on the same speaker.

    Tribit MaxSound Plus uses Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity for stable connection performance, the maximum distance up to 30 meters without obstructions.

    • Rugged construction
    • High-quality speakerphone
    • Crisp sound
    • Pairing can be slow
    Tribit MaxSound Plus converges all the elements of a good product at an extremely competitive price tag. If you are looking for portable speakers for entertainment in parties with prices under $ 200, Tribit MaxSound Plus is definitely the right choice for you. Makes it easy to take with you when partying at the beach or pool.

    Final Thoughts

    While having a waterproof speaker is important for many outdoor applications, you usually only need one outdoor Bluetooth speaker with the right power, especially if you’re looking to throw a party. You may have noticed that your Bluetooth speaker is emitting a louder internal sound than outside. This is because sound is contained inside and sound waves bouncing back on floors, walls, and other surfaces amplify the sound.

    Our selection! Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 is arguably one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers available today. Powerful speakers, great sound quality, and battery swapping let you keep the party going.